Beyond Vinyl by Donald Riggio

Picking up just a heartbeat from where his best-selling novel, "Seven-Inch Vinyl" left off, author Donald Riggio's sequel "Beyond Vinyl" continues his rock and roll saga. The Rabinowitz family heads a cast of familiar and some surprising new fictional characters as they interact with real people and events to chronicle the history of rock and roll as it matures through the years between 1969 and 1986.The oldies revival era will be sparked by the arrival of the oldies radio format, live concerts, television and motion pictures that embrace the music of the fifties and sixties, culminating in the formation of a "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." There will be moments of great joy and sadness within the pages of "Beyond Vinyl," another treasure trove of emotional memories for those who lived it and an enlightening new discovery for those who did not. Truly a harmonic blend of historic fiction. The ending will have readers clamoring for more.

Beyond Vinyl by Donald Riggio
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