Forever Begins by Author Linda Stiles Fox

Posthumously written by Linda Stiles Fox

Cody Wallace hadn’t known his biological father for the first twenty years of his life. After his mother’s Hawaiian vacation, that all changed. Now his parents were married and living the dream life they thought had fallen away from them and Cody couldn’t have been happier. Except for Lily. Cody had fallen in love with Lily and her daughter from the first time they met and, after years of coaxing, he convinced Lily to bring Faith to Hawaii for a long weekend. It was during that weekend that Cody proposed and, finally, Lily said yes. But there were roadblocks for them and one of them was Bruce. Lily had known Bruce since they were in their teens and her daughter was a baby. Those years had been abusive and violent and Lily had never had the strength or courage to end it. When Lily returned to LA to begin the moving process, Bruce discovered her plans to move and marry and was outraged. Taking that rage out on Lily she was rushed to the hospital clinging to life. After a year in prison for his actions, Bruce was determined to find her and make her pay for his imprisonment. Now Cody, Lily and Faith are hidden away on the island of Ni’ihau where their safety should have been guaranteed, but Bruce has gotten through guards and restrictions and was closing in quickly. Follow the chase through the darkness and see if Lily and Cody will finally find where their forever begins.

Forever Begins by Author Linda Stiles Fox
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