Generations Intertwine by Author Joyce K. Gatschenberger

An illicit affair - it's an all-too-common fissure in the bedrock of a seemingly solid marriage. But William Henry's indiscretions will rock his family's foundation for years. Secrets, lies, drama, genetic investigations, a secret adoption - Generations Intertwine has it all. Follow the fractured Henry family as they navigate liaisons of passion, an illegitimate hair, a hidden cache of money... and one young granddaughter's scientific inquiry into her own DNA. Can the shocking secrets of one family's past be redeemed by the revelations of the present?
Joyce K. Gatschenberger has been a teacher and a nurse and is the author of the generational memoir, Lines of Listening. She currently lives in Nevada. You can follow her blog at

Generations Intertwine by Author Joyce K. Gatschenberger
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