Holy Cause by Author Rena Winters

This is a book about terrorism and the lethal lengths two opposing strong minded women will go to reach their goals. Terror operatives under the control of Tehran are reacting to the new pressure being put upon them by the new American President s support of Israel. To counter that pressure, Tehran has ordered Hamas to increase its intensity on Israel and Hezbollah to generate tumult and terror in South America. Financing to the underfunded Winds of Change terror group in America must now be arranged by its own initiative immediately. The head of the terror group, a beautiful, accomplished former Colonel in Russia s KGB, ruthless and calculating, hires on to Tehran. She is sent to the American terror group to aid in the intercession of an expedition in Mexico headed by a driven young woman to an historical site established by Hernando Cortes for the storage of gold and silver mined by Indians in 1595. Holy Cause: Target America is ruthless to the core, plausible to the final acts of deception and betrayal.

Holy Cause by Author Rena Winters
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