Honor in the Blood by Author s.h. montgomery

Honor in the Blood, s. h. montgomery’s second novel, is packed with murder, obsession, love, and ambition as the saga of the Savios and the Callahans continues. The Savio sons live on the edge, becoming more involved in the Chicago Outfit, while Michael Callahan courts disaster when he reunites with Ireland Coogan. Vito Savio and his nemesis, Meghan Callahan, are once again in conflict, this time over grandson, Kane, son of Francesca and Fin. Before Kane can even talk they are vying to mold him in the direction they want him to go----Vito’s life of crime or that of Meghan’s Druidism. Torn between the grandparents he loves, living in a household of dissension, and growing up on the streets of Chicago, Kane struggles. Will he choose to side with one of his grandparents, or will there be another choice that he’s forced to make?

Honor in the Blood by Author s.h. montgomery
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