Interviews With Carpenters Tribute Acts by Tony Brassington

In this book, Tony Brassington interviews seven Carpenters tribute artists and reveals many insights into this unique profession. It is very soon clear from the interviews that the life and work of a tribute artist is bigger, more interesting and diverse, than many would think. The tributes interviewed have mastered their craft and then have played all around the world, from bars to cruise ships, clubs to theatres, from small local gigs to sold out concerts; everywhere from Las Vegas to China, and countless other distant places and countries too, while their work remains always in high demand.The tributes know just what Carpenters music really means to people and how much love, affection, and reverence the public still have for it, and they are very familiar with the emotional power within the music too. 

Interviews With Carpenters Tribute Acts by Tony Brassington
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