Terror in a Teapot by Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner

RAMPAGING RUSSIANS, TREACHEROUS TEAPOTS, TWIN SLEUTHS, OLD MAGICIANS and MURDER! Twin sleuths Goldie and Godiva, the Silver Sisters, are at it again-tracking seven stolen teapots from Alaska to LA. Why are the teapots worth killing for? What are the thugs really after? Will they get away with murder? A shipment of Russian tea dispensers called samovars fails to arrive at Goldie's antique shop in Alaska, the ladies from the Russian Orthodox church who ordered one for their retiring priest are driving her crazy and before the wayward antiques are located, his young replacement is murdered. That's just the tip of the iceberg in quiet little Juneau! Goldie's identical twin,Beverly Hills advice columnist, Godiva Olivia DuBois, arrives for a visit, the lost crate finally arrives, but so do the Dumkovsky brothers--two bumbling Russian thugs demanding those samovars. All but one has sold, and the next day it seems that the seven beautiful antiques are cursed. Everyone in town who received one of the samovars has been beaten or murdered, and two more customers are likely targets: The twins and their eight-one year old mother and uncle, former vaudeville magicians, must solve the secret contained in those deadly teapots before more people die. Let the chase begin. Scroll up and grab a copy today - While you are at it, consider getting a copy of the first book, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP.

Terror in a Teapot  by Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner
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