The Carpenters: My Reflections by Tony Brassington

If you like the music of the Carpenters with their distinct and unique sound, combined with Karen Carpenters amazing voice, then you will enjoy reading this book. This book will also point the way to quite a number musical hidden gems from the Carpenters that you might not know about. Life is a combination of journeys and music is one of life’s greatest journeys, helping to shape each one of us into the individual we are and are yet to become. Music accompanies us throughout our life of journeys, changing with the times, impacting society and people in a masterful, powerful, and unique way.Karen Carpenter’s unique and astounding voice combined with Richard Carpenter’s musical genius, created the hugely successful Carpenters sound. A distinctive sound which has lasted half a century already and is still going strong today.In The Carpenters - My Reflections, Tony Brassington will take you on a tour of his own personal musical journey with the Carpenters, while covering the decades of changing times and all the variety of ways, including the advances in technology that have enhanced our listening/viewing pleasure of our most cherished artists and musicians. As an avid collector and follower of everything Carpenter he could find throughout half a century of his own life, Tony introduces everything from their well-known greatest hits to many hidden gems that few know about. This book will take you on a journey of discovery into the Carpenters world of music.

The Carpenters: My Reflections by Tony Brassington
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