The Shattering Effect by J.D. Neill

Who is the beautiful girl, abandoned on southern England's wintry shores? And how did she get there? She does not speak and seems to have no memory. Still, despite her many secrets, her rescuer, a professor of Arabic studies, falls deeply in love with the vulnerable, pregnant girl, and when Leila recovers, they marry.Her memories come back in fragments: a privileged childhood, the violent death of her parents, recollections of her first love, and her escape. But she keeps her tragic past locked away, until one day, that past becomes a threat to all she holds dear. Leaving the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan for London, The Wolf, a significant financier of terrorism, wants revenge on the man who has foiled several of his plans - Leila's husband.Overlaid by tragic 21st-century world events, this is a tale of differing cultures and conflicting personalities forced together and unaware of their devastating common bond.What they all discover will irrevocably shake their worlds. How can they survive, and will they?

The Shattering Effect by J.D. Neill
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