Treasure of La Dura by Robert Cawley

Gold... the elusive prize so many men and women have dreamed of and for which many have died. Of all the great treasures none has been more coveted and sought after than the lost La Dura.

In the turbulent twenty-first century the long-lost Medallion of La Dura comes into possession of a beautiful young woman who is standing on the brink of financial disaster. That situation proves to be the catalyst for this incredible tale.

In a world where the clocks of time stopped centuries ago; a non-stop action story unwinds. Here is a fable of greed, gut wrenching courage, obsession and love.

This sizzling work of fiction was created by Robert Cawley, The other of the true crime story, "Components of Murder."

Treasure of La Dura by Robert Cawley
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